Life did not take over the world by combat but by networking.

Chimaera Fractured

An adolescent fascination with the ideas of evolutionary theorist and biologist Lynn Margulis leads to using those as a treasure trove for narrations and visualisation in a video collages that demonstrate a playful approach to more or less hidden everyday phenomena. Pieces of lectures are used as a source of inspiration in order to incorporate teaching units into an artistic exploration. CF orchestrates a multi-layered observation of nature, accompanied by António Bizarro's dark ambient soundscapes. Astonished by processes at the microscopic level, all three monologues are illustrated by different stock material hinting at the invisible dynamics of the microcosm. What lies behind the discoveries and teachings of Lynn Margulis? How does her work live on? What is her legacy? The peculiar montage demonstrates how the handling of Margulis' theories can be continued. Hope and curiosity turning into engagement and readiness to proceed. Game over. Start again.