Death to all of them.


D binds the viewer to his rhythm of discomfort. Music and image blend into this mission in an extraordinary way. The audio-visual quotes from pop culture and Hollywood stomp as chicken foot or hand clapping in time to archetypal symbols of evil, in direct succession to dances of death, which are created only by the context of the music and the dramaturgy of the sections. The reinterpretation of the cinematic material, cut, arranged rhythmically, alienated and processed, yields the deep black intensity of this short video.

D plays with culturally conditioned levels of interpretation, from esotericism to feminism, and extends them with selected fragments of the daily flood of images. The re-enactment of otherwise innocent-looking relics of everyday culture, easily accessible video material on the Internet, is targeted to the choreography to the music. Unspoken words, appeasing clacking noise and the wistful and frightening stranglehold of brutal synth sounds give a look into the depths of human fears. Animal figures used as mythical creatures from a vision of toasty-dark atmosphere of the sub- and urban wastelands look directly back and leave an aftertaste of disillusion and absurdly: hunger for more.